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Helping LGBTQ+ guys build the body they deserve and create unbreakable confidence

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You CAN have the body you want and build REAL confidence.

I'm Kieron Lyons, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach from the UK and founder of Lyons Training.

I help LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈 guys get fit, strong and build real confidence for life.

As someone who has struggled with body confidence, sexuality and even gym-phobia in the past, I know all too well it can have a negative impact on your well-being and just how hard it can be to motivate yourself to make a change. 


But there is an answer! 


It's never too late to take control of your mental and physical fitness and change die-hard habits for the better and I'm here to show you how.


I help guys who feel stuck and lack motivation and accountability to stick to a workout plan. 


Guys who want to make a change but aren’t sure how to get started. 


Guys who need positive encouragement and empathy.


You will BUILD inner and outer strength


You will find your TRUE confidence

You will have an ABUNDANCE of energy


You will REDISCOVER your love for yourself and what you are truly capable of


Using my simple and effective techniques in 12 weeks you will completely change for the better, guaranteed! 




Hi, I'm Kieron...

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My mission is to help LGBTQ+ guys feel confident and powerful.

I use careful, patient and compassionate coaching to help you realise your true potential...

...AND create long-term sustainable change by guiding you on your journey.

This isn't a 'quick fix' but a simple and stress-free plan to get you in the best shape of your life.

The fitness industry can be intimidating sometimes especially for the LGBTQ+ community which is why my coaching style is built on positive encouragement and empathy.

Everyone is different, so if you've tried other programs before that are built 'for the masses' and not had the results you wanted then I can guarantee my approach will get you there.


My bespoke online training programs are all-encompassing to not only get you fit, but to help you create long-term change

and includes the following services:


Your own bespoke training program.


A comprehensive habit-changing nutrition program


Weekly 1on1 accountability sessions with me.


24/7 in-app and email support whenever you need it.


After an initial assessment you will receive:

- Your very own bespoke training program tailored towards your goals and schedule.

- Your own tailored nutrition plan with meal plans and recipes

- Full access to the training app with simple instructions and exercise demo videos. 

- Access to the habit-changing education platform for guidance on all things nutrition, training and lifestyle to get you the results you deserve.

- Weekly check-ins with the coach to keep you on-track, motivated and engaged and give you all the support you need to smash your gaols

- 1-1 Strategy sessions each month to re-evaluate and progress

- 24/7 continued support through the app.

This program is guaranteed to get you sustainable results for life.

If you've struggled to find a way
to take control of your Health and Fitness
Then THIS is the solution you've been looking for


For less than the cost of 1 face-to-face session with me per week you will not only be provided with a tailored training and nutrition plan... 

But also heaps of 1-2-1 support direct with me to help you reach your goals.


With my proven methods I can help you build the body you always dreamed of and create a resilient mindset to feel empowered and more confident in your own skin.

When you join my program I will:

  • Design a training program to hit your goals and fit your schedule.

  • Provide you with nutrition coaching that gives you the power to make the best decisions for you in a sustainable way.

  • Teach you how to build good habits into your daily routine.

  • Be there every step of the way to help you succeed on YOUR journey 



Let's start with a friendly conversation to find out your unique situation and ultimate goals.

Then I can give you a proven plan of how to get there with some simple and straightforward actions.

No obligation, no stress.

Not ready to talk just yet? That's ok, sign-up for exclusive content below...

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