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Your Discovery Call

Hey there, congratulations on booking your discovery call with me and being an action taker! I’ve put together this site to give you an idea of how the call works and hopefully answer any questions you may prior to our chat so you know what to expect. Check out the quick video below and the other info on this page and you’ll have everything you need to know…

Just a quick bit of housekeeping before our call so that we can get the best out of it.

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Make sure you have this time set aside, and you’re somewhere quiet where we can focus on you and your goals

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This will be a phone call initially so make sure you have your phone ready at the proposed time

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Come to the call preloaded with questions. I want you to get the most out of the call as possible!

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If anyone else is involved in your decision-making then make them aware of the call 

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Please be open and honest on the call to make sure we can figure out the best plan to get to your goals as quickly as possible 

What we will discuss...

- Your current situation with your health, fitness and lifestyle 

- Your ULTIMATE goals and a timeframe for achieving them

- Any barriers you currently face to getting to your goals 

- The best PLAN OF ACTION to allow you to hit your goals 100%

- Whether coaching is suitable for you and your needs and how it all works

- Any questions you have on what we discuss 

This is a fact-finding mission for both of us...

No pressure or obligation, this will be a simple and friendly chat about you and your goals above anything else. 

For any urgent questions you can send an email to

See you on the call!